EliteTelemedicine is striving to be a leader in providing
inpatient hospitalist telemedicine physician solutions as well as Physician Advisor services.

The need for telemedicine inpatient hospital medicine coverage has emerged over the past number of years as an acute need to ensure appropriate physician staffing to hospitals, as a means of streamlining communication methods, providing physician mobility within the job market, reliability and making it easier for hospital systems to recruit excellent physicians located anywhere in the country.

EliteTelemedicine provides hospital systems with a team of carefully selected physicians that can oversee mid-level (PA/NP) work onsite, without the need to relocate physicians from their home base. Physicians, in turn, have the freedom to practice inpatient hospital medicine from their preferred location. This eliminates expensive recruiting fees and provides an opportunity to deliver the skills of an experienced and highly knowledgeable physician to your hospital practice.

By using a proprietary, telemedicine platform specifically designed for inpatient hospital coverage, EliteTelemedicine a game changer in the field of hospital medicine.

In addition to Telemedicine services, EliteTelemedicine also offers physician Advisor Services. Working closely with case managers from hospitals all over the nation, we help ensure patients are given the proper status when admitted to a hospital. This not only improves hospital workflow and patient care, but also shields hospitals from accruing any fines for inaccurate billing of patient care.

Hospital medicine, since its inception about 20 years ago, has required on-site hospitalist physician presence to perform their respective duties. Over the years, due to advancements in telemetry technology and the emergence of electronic medical record systems (EMRs), the true need for onsite hospitalist presence has come into question. Having access to the hospital EMR and a video platform can easily replace the need for a hospitalist physician to be physically onsite, while providing the same excellent patient care from a remote location.

The telemedicine industry currently has respected and established services already in place, providing excellent care in Tele-ICU, Tele-neurology, Tele-radiology and outpatient telemedicine. It is our opinion that the Tele-hospitalist is the future of Hospital Medicine. Tasks, such as daily rounding, admissions, consults, discharges, rapid response and code blue attendance can be directed via the telemedicine video platform, under the supervision of a qualified hospitalist physician in real time. Response times, particularly to emergencies, would be superior with telemedicine technology. A qualified hospitalist can be available immediately. This is an immediate improvement in metrics to optimize outcomes and patient satisfaction.

We have access to a strong base of experienced and reliable practitioners who are available to provide their services to various hospital systems, depending on their specific needs. We strive to provide advanced individual solutions that resonate with your organization's unique requirements: a tailored product that integrates functionally in order to deliver the care that your community expects.

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